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Nov 25 2013
"The rats’ death is concerning, but in a good way."View Post

"The rats’ death is concerning, but in a good way."

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Nov 23 2013

"I thought you said you broke up with the Mormons."

He laughed at me.

“What? You stood right here in this kitchen and told me you’d broken up with them.”

“I did! I told them I didn’t want to be evangelized to anymore. But there’s apparently a very fine line between them just wanting to “hang out” and Bible…

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Oct 06 2013
Opening my student loan summary letter.

Opening my student loan summary letter.

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Oct 05 2013

The House

We call it The House; the capitalization is audible. From my post about the common kitchen, you might have gotten the impression I don’t like living here, but that would be a mistake. And since there will be more posts that find their background in this…

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Oct 02 2013

Voice: A Reflection

We’ve all heard the familiar metaphor (verging on dead metaphor) of voice. When we talk about a voice like it’s a person, we are part of a very long, embedded Western tradition of personality. The word person comes from the Latin persona, originally…

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Sep 27 2013

Thomas: A Goodbye

“Well, what about finding a job? Have you started looking yet?”

He leans forward with his elbows on his knees, the sleeves of his white dress shirt rolled up, uncovering his forearms. His tie is loosened at the neck, and one button is undone. It had…

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Sep 19 2013

This recognition that all understanding inevitably involves some prejudice gives the hermeneutical… http://wp.me/s3nUOf-225

This recognition that all understanding inevitably involves some prejudice gives the hermeneutical problem its real thrust. By the light of this insight it appears that historicism, despite its critique of rationalism and of natural law philosophy, is…

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Sep 17 2013

Revolution puri…

Revolution purifies people, improves and develops them, just as the experienced farmer corrects the deficiencies of their crops and strengthens their good qualities.

- Che Guevara, “The final offensive and the battle of Santa Clara”

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Sep 16 2013

The Reasons I Might Be a Terrible Person

The first reason comes down to prep time. I never predicted that frozen fish could take so long to thaw or that the onions, celery, and tomatoes could take so long to dice. By the end of four hours in the kitchen, I was sure of many facts that had been…

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Sep 03 2013

Wordpress blog! (finally)

Here’s my new blog: http://lettersdroptinthestreet.wordpress.com/

See you on the other side. 

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